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Almost everyone who knows about Justice League has imagined a live action Justice League movie even if someone watches Justice League animated series or reads a Justice League comics for the first time thinks how amazing it would be if there was a Justice League movie and it is finally happening. This is my list of things, which I really really want to see in the Justice League movie:

Real Live version of the Justice League Animated series Intro:

This is the first and most wished thing in my wishlist. The intro of the Justice League animated series was just amazing the music was epic and way they introduced superheroes in the intro was just amazing (if you don’t remember I will add the link below) I will go straight out crazy if this happens. It will take away every doubt we have about how the movie is going to be people including me will get nostalgia. I remember how I would finish my dinner really fast to see Justice League and Samurai Jack on cartoon network.

Remember Avengers?  We all new it was coming still we were going crazy to see even a little glimpse of the movie, from Iron Man 2 to Captain America: the first Avenger we were trying to get information about how the avengers is going to be and they were giving subtle details and in the end of Captain America they gave out the first teaser of the movie nobody was expecting that nobody and it blew my socks away. It will be 2017 or 2016 depending upon release and everyone would have forgotten about Captain America the first avenger so I’m wishing that in the end of Batman v Superman after the credits they put a real live version of the Justice League Animated series it will be unexpected it will be epic everyone will go crazy. In the animated series there were two intros one for normal Justice League and one for Justice League Unlimited. I’m hoping for normal Justice League one because there are just too many superheroes in Justice League Unlimited intro. (Justice League Intro here)

The movie adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender did the same thing they made a real live version of the tv show intro and for the first 5 minutes I actually thought that the movie would be amazing though it’s a shame it wasn’t but intro was excellent.

Use the same Green Arrow and Flash from the TV Series

Even tough it sounds impossible but I think they should really do this Stephen Amell dominates the roll of Green Arrow though I’m not sure Green Arrow will be making an appearance in the Justice League movie. Grant Gustin has made a very big hype on the Internet and his face and his attitude fits Flash perfectly also we are already comfortable with them. Also this will market the movie more people who are already Arrow (tv series) will watch the movie no matter what same thing with the Flash.

Batman completely disagreeing with Superman

When we think about who is more bold the obvious answer is Batman. Batman and Superman think very differently Superman stays very restrictive and tries to solve things without making too much damage even in Man of Steel he was very restrictive in the beginning though after when there was no other choice he showed off his powers by destructing everything even though people criticize that it was too much destruction I actually really loved it. Batman he has no restriction except killing people. Sometimes he thinks completely like Joker like in The Dark Knight Rises Batman lights up his logo on fire on a bridge and doesn’t even talk about it but you can still see he’s thinking that it was just about sending a message. Its obvious that Superman will try to keep Batman restrictive too but the thing we want to see is Batman completely ignoring Superman and doing what he wants to do no matter how destructive or reckless it seems.

Dark but still Hopeful

Almost all recent marvel movies are hopeful Avengers was hopeful, Amazing Spider-man 2 was more hopeful and if you watch Spiderman imagining yourself as a little kid you’ll enjoy it a lot more. But I don’t think Justice League and Batman v Superman should be like that. They should be very dark like Christopher Nolan’s the Dark Knight it was dark but still hopeful everything made sense and that’s what they should do in Justice League and Batman v Superman. The way Zack Snyder is teasing Batman v Superman it looks like it will be a very dark movie although this kind of thing has been before by BBC before. In the tvshow Doctor Who they teased a lot of things and mostly made it look like the 50th anniversary episode will be really dark but it actually turned out to be the most colorful and hopeful episode of Doctor Who yet. It gives an idea of how they can make you believe in something else and then surprise you by giving you completely opposite. If you want to see how much dark I mean you should see the DC universe online starting. (Click here for that)

Action Action Everywhere

People say the Man of Steel had too much destruction personally it wasn’t a big problem to me I actually quite enjoyed it I think that Justice League and Batman v Superman should be like that too. I just want to see Justice league bashing the enemies down, showing off there powers, saving the people at the last second and do it like they are dancing I mean they should very carefully co-ordinate how one superhero helps the other one. Like Wonder-women failing to catch a guy from a building but just when he is about to hit the ground flash saves his life by his speed. Can’t you just imagine how awesome it would be?

So these were the top 5 things I want to see in Justice League movie thankyou for reading, How do you imagine the movie should be like please give comment down below :

  • Jonathan Dennill

    Hi Talha,

    The main thing I’m wanting is a live action intro like the TV series. I was so pumped from the JL comic con trailer yesterday that I went ahead and did my best to create one like the animated series.

    Here is the link to the video:

    Here is a side by side comparison of the video and the animated series intro:

    Let me know what you think!

    All the best,