Batman V Superman New Trailer And Everything Wrong With Movie Trailers

December 3, 2015   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  DC Cinematic Universe, Movies and Tv
batman V superman

Trailers are amazing, everyone loves watching them, they build excitement for the movie it’s all good but sometimes trailers are so good we want to see them over and over again especially if they are for a franchise we are heavily invested into. You know that feeling you get when you finish watching your favorite movie for the hundredth time and can’t wait for its sequel. Even a little glimpse of what’s going to happen next can make your day. In this article we will be taking a look at the trailers of the three most anticipated up coming movies. Star Wars, Captain America: Civil War and Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice.

So what makes a good trailer? Is it the story? The nostalgia? The cool visuals? Let’s dive into this. To make the perfect trailer the movie makers have to make sure that the trailer they craft strikes a balance between story and visuals. Don’t give out too much plot and don’t show too many cool shots from the movie. As JJ Abrams puts it “the movie is a mystery box”, yes give clues to what’s coming but don’t spoil entire twists from the movie. Why should we take JJ’s word for it? Because He is a genius.

Just take a look at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

See? That’s a perfect trailer. Does it give away too much plot? Nope. Does it build excitement for the movie? Yes. Mixed in with some nostalgia and an awesome soundtrack and there you have it. They are giving out clues to what might happen but they aren’t showing any big twists from the movie. Notice how they are not showing any glimpses of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamil) even though we all know he’s playing an important part in the movie because they want to keep the big twist of the movie locked in the mystery box. Just imagine would you like to know it now or see it in the actual movie and be surprised later?

This type of marketing is clearly working for Stars wars. The movie is two weeks away and we have no idea about what’s to come and all the opening day tickets are sold, all of them. It’s a world record.

Let’s move away from Star Wars for a bit and move on to another big blockbuster movie which also seems to be following Star Wars “less is more” approach for trailers. Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War watch this trailer:

This is another perfect trailer. We already knew that Ironman and Captain America are going to fight each other and that’s what the trailer builds on, note that this movie has a huge cast and they don’t show even half of it in the trailer they just show Cap, Bucky, Falcon, Black Widow and Ironman all divided although other Marvel characters are there too but they are in background and the focus is not on them the focus is on Cap and Ironman being against each other. Again following the mystery box approach and keeping Spider-man, Vision, Ant-man and Baron von Zemo under the curtains.  Another point for Civil War is that after watching 13 Marvel movies we are heavily invested into these characters we know how they think and just seeing Tony Stark say “So was I” seems poetic even though it’s just three words.

So these were two great trailers showing little to no plot and building excitement for the movie. Now let’s watch the trailer which forced me to write this article and everything wrong with trailers like this in general.

Did you get the same feeling as watching the Star Wars and Civil War trailer here? Or did you get a feeling that you shouldn’t have watched this trailer?

This seems like the entire movie summed into one trailer.

Batman-V-Superman-Trailer-Beginning Batman-V-Superman-Trailer-Middle Batman-V-Superman-Trailer-End

So in the trailer Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent for the first time then in the middle Superman and Batman have this huge battle and then in the end they have to come together with Wonder Woman to fight surprise surprise Doomsday. But there’s one problem here that’s the entire plot of the movie. Now what’s the reason left for us to watch the movie when we already know what’s going to happen. This trailer boggles my mind, do the marketing department of WB have any idea what to do? There you have it all of the plot ruined, the big Doomsday twist ruined, seeing Batman and Superman as allies in live action for the first time ruined basically all the hype for this movie completely finished.

This is what’s wrong with movie trailers like this one. They gave out too much plot and ended up spoiling the entire movie following the steps of The Amazing Spider-man 2 which even showed the ending shot of the movie. DC should have taken a page out of Marvel’s book or Star Wars book or their own book. The first trailer is nearly perfect and only hints at doomsday the biggest twist in the movie which they even lied to us by saying he’s not in the movie and then now showing him and ruining the twist completely. You only need to show a glimpse or clues to what’s to come don’t show what’s coming entirely.

A few months ago Michael Shannon who played General Zod in Man of Steel said that he came back for this movie and shot scenes in flippers this generated so much buzz on the internet, fan theories over fan theories speculating what his role might be. I don’t understand what happened to DC and WB they didn’t like all this free buzz and promotion for their movie and Michael Shannon retracted his statements and said “I only have a small role and voice over scenes no doomsday” clearly lying to keep the big twist of the movie under wraps. But what was the point of all that? If you’re just going to ruin the entire twist. Not a good move DC.

Those were my thoughts on the new Batman V Superman trailer to sum it up I’m pretty disappointed and there’s no hype left for the movie. Anyways what did you think of the trailer and how do you think trailers should be crafted? Would love to hear your comments and opinions.

Thankyou for reading ^_^

  • Monto Gawe

    To a non-avid fan, STAR WARS trailers look generic. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen all. ONLY
    true blue fans can find something new in something which had been seen and done
    over and over again. Sorry but Star Wars
    just isn’t for some people including me.

    SuperHeroes on the other hand always have something new to
    offer even to non-fans. New characters,
    obscure to non-fans, are introduced to the general public. New conflict arises,
    new alliances are formed. True, it is basically good versus evil plotlines like
    Star Wars and all other moral-inspired stories BUT among more nuanced superhero
    backstories, it is not always as clear as black versus white.

    In the end, across generations and social strata, the iconic
    superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman are more
    relatable and recognizable than some space-cowboy and those other characters I
    cannot seem to describe or distinguish. But, then, that’s just me.