Don’t buy the iPhone 7

September 10, 2016   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  Tech

Over the years I’ve seen technology grow exponentially. However the evolution of tech is something that is based on usage and need, when there’s something new which is more efficient, more reliable and more accessible in its purpose it replaces it’s older alternative. For example the move from CD-ROMs and Floppy disks to Flash drives and Memory cards, the evolution of  VHS to SD to HD. In all these cases the use and demand of a product made it’s older counterpart obsolete. This is how it works the consumer decides what is better of him and then the manufacture provides him what he decides. In this article I’m going to elaborate on this and ask you, urge you to don’t buy the iPhone 7.

Giving too much control to Apple.

I’m not going to try to persuade you to come over to Android or say “x” product is much better I’m not going to promote anything. I am going to talk about the principle, the relationship consumer has with the manufacture, who should be in control.

If you buy the iPhone 7 you are giving Apple full control to remove whatever thing they like regardless of the negative impact it has on the consumer.  You are giving them control to do whatever they like and still expect you to buy their products. This is not how it should be. There should be consequences to their actions and most importantly  you should be in control, the device should be adapted to you not you adapting to your device. As a logical person I ask you to not give this much control to Apple because if Apple gains this much control they will replace every useful feature in favor of something that makes them more profit.

If you are paying 600+ dollars on a product then that product should be adapted to you, you should not be the one to make compromises. Whether it’s the display, or the speaker, or even something as little as the 3.5 mm headphone Jack. It’s about the principle. Apple thinks that they can change anything they like, replace simple things that are used everyday with their needlessly complicated counterparts just so they can make more profit. It’s absurd and the customers shouldn’t be treated like this.

Apple said that they are being “courageous” by removing the headphone jack, another word which comes to mind is “greedy” and even “dumb”. I ask you to be courageous too and don’t buy it. Say no so they can start listening. We don’t want to carry around adapters, we don’t want to spend 3 times the amount on headphones. We don’t want you to make our lives harder.

As a consumer do you even care if your home button doesn’t click anymore I can’t believe that when they were making these decisions more people in the room decided that it’s better to remove the headphone jack to make space for the hepatic home button.

TLDR: Change for something better is welcomed. Change for greed is not welcomed. Don’t buy the iphone 7 be courageous and make a statement.