August 13, 2014   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  Tech

I found a very weird and interesting thing in facebook messenger. I saw its permissions so apparently facebook messenger can:
1: directly call phone numbers, read phone status and identity (why??)
2: edit, send, receive my text messages (sms and mms)
3: see my precise location
4: Read Call log and Read my contacts (what tha?)
5: read my own contact card
6: modify or delete and read contents of my phone memory (again what tha?)
7: find accounts on the device read google services
8: change network connectivity, download files without notification and full network access
You can see that facebook messenger is having full control over your phone. You can check yourself by going in settings/apps and then reading permissions. Why would a simple messaging app require so much access? And why would all of a sudden they move all facebook app users to facebook messenger? Is this a messaging app or a surveillance app? As I don’t want every thing on my phone being read or controlled by some organisation I will never be using facebook messenger. I’ll just use other texting apps like Hello (which allows facebook chats with regular sms) or Go Chat.