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umer imam ud dinUmer Imam Ud Din

Umer is the most creative and talented person I know. Since a young age he developed some seriously amazing skills in Graphic Designing and Photography. I have been looking up to him since well as long as I can remember. Other than being an awesome person, Umer has designed the whole look for Geek My Day from the logo to pretty much everything. I could say that without Umer, Geek My Day wouldn’t have been possible but to be honest without Umer everything I am blessed with wouldn’t have been possible. Its because of his guidance I even consider myself a decent person.

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Muhammad AhsanMuhammad Ahsan

Ahsan has been with me since the high school days and after so many great times we had together and his passion for technology, it was a no brainer to add him in the team.  Ahsan is studying medicine here in Pakistan but he has a thirst for getting his hands on the latest gadgets in the ever changing world of technology. We are really happy to have him on the team.

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Mazher AliMazher Ali

Mazher is the newest member in our team and we are so glad to have him on board. He loves messing around with computers, building PCs, getting new components, he’s crazy for that. Mazher is also an avid gamer and occasionally loves to play and watch football I’m kidding he’s crazy for football. He gives some really interesting insight to the world of football, games and PCs.

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Talha MasoodTalha Masood

That’s me.  After working for a few blogs I decided that it was the right time for me to start my own blog and along with a lot of help from all those lovely fellows above me we created Geek My Day. My favorite things in the world are Tech, Photography and Comic books whenever I start talking about any of these things I can’t stop talking for hours. I also love to do cosplays and I am currently doing a photo series called “Fictional Character Series” where we cosplay a fictional character about every week.

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