Huawei celebrates Independence Day in style!

August 13, 2016   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  huawei, Tech

I woke up this morning and went on with my day. I didn’t think today would be any special. A few hours later the door bell rang and my sister went to open the door. It was a TCS guy delivering a package from Huawei, my sister told me that it was for me and I was completely astonished. I wasn’t expecting anything like this also I was extremely happy too when I saw the package, since it was so big.



I got ecstatic and quickly opened the box, I really can’t describe my excitement and happiness it was beyond control since I’ve never received anything like this before, anyways I opened the box to find the contents delightedly pleasing.





The package contained a flag paper weight which is now put in the living room of my house so everyone can see it, a t-shirt which I am seriously considering to wear everyday now, some post cards, badges and a giant flag which I’ve hanged on the roof of my house.

I’m pretty much still a kid and these things made me so happy, it really made my day. I have to thank Huawei for such an amazing gift. It truly made my day that much better and it’s such a clever and delighting thing to do to get your brand more support. If yesterday you had asked me what I think about Huawei I would have said “they’re ok you know phones are cool, nicely built and at competitive price” but now I’d say “I love them, they are amazing.”. It’s really the little things that matter and I’ve never seen a manufacture that cares so much about it’s users. This is really a great effort and it should certainly help them in the long run.

This overwhelmingly delighting surprise from Huawei has won me over to them, I’m kind of expecting things from other manufactures too now (wink wink).

TLDR: I love this surprise from huawei and can’t wait to work with them more in the future.