Huawei Honor 6X Review!

January 27, 2017   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  Uncategorized

Ever since the Honor 8, I’ve been in love with the Honor series but saying that the Honor 6X is a brother to the Honor 8 would be an extremely wrong statement they are more like distant relatives. So lets talk about everything I liked and didn’t like about this phone.

Build Quality

Almost immediately before using the Honor 6X I was using the Mate 9. That little piece of information is very important because I kept making comparisons unconsciously and going to a super mid range phone after using the best device ever made can be a bit tough. The Honor 6X is incredibly light, It doesn’t have any heft so if you like light weight and easy to hold phones then you will love this. It might be the lightest phone I’ve ever picked up and the ergonomics are great but I prefer a little heft in my devices.

The top side has an headphone jack and the bottom side has the micro usb port and one speaker. I was surprised they didn’t include USB type C, it’s not a big complain but I’m sort of spoiled by these little things. The two sides of the phone are joined together by a small band of plastic which blends over to the glass screen, this way if you accidentally drop it on it’s side the screen won’t come in contact with the floor the plastic side will and you won’t end up breaking your screen. In one of my old phones the Moto G 2013 it had the same thing and I ended up dropping it on stairs but the side of the saved it from getting smashed so it’s really life saver. The back side of the phone is mostly metal but the top and bottom plates are made of plastic for better signal reception.

Over all the build quality is rigid and it feels good in the hand. Once again the ergonomics are really good and there’s no heft.


To reach the price of 250 dollars I think they had to cut some corners and the display was one of them. Even though it’s a 1080p 5.5 inch display, it just looks a little off. There’s a slight blue hue on the screen which can be distracting at times but usually it’s unnoticeable. It’s not a big deal if you’re a casual user, but to me a person who unconsciously goes into great details about everything it can be a bit of an annoyance. For every day things and normal usage it’s more than good. Like lets say if you want to make someone jealous of all your food photography you can do it from here as well.

Operating System and Performance

The phone is powered by a Kirin 655 it’s a very midrange processor, it’s way better than Snapdragon 650 the Qualcomm counterpart but as much as good it is it’s not going to surprise you. There’s little to no lag and performs through Android and EMUI smoothly but it’s not very snappy.  I would recommend turning the animations faster or even off to make it feel like it’s faster but all in all it’s decent performance.

The Android 7.0 upgrade would make the performance much much faster. Since EMUI is much more toned down in that version of Android and it’s confirmed that the update is coming.

 Sensors and connectivity

Like most good devices all the sensors work great. Wifi and Cellular signals are strong and I didn’t face any dropped calls or unsent messages, it handles all the boring phone stuff nicely. I was surprised that they included the finger print sensor and it feels like the same sensor as their higher end phones but the processor doesn’t really matches up with the sensor. The phone would vibrate letting you know that it has registered the finger print but it would take a few seconds for the processor to catch up and turn on the display. With animations turned off it’s bit faster and less noticeable.


The phone has a 12mp camera and like some other phones it has a dual camera arrangement. If anything I don’t think this device needed two lenses at the back, would have been better if they cut cost in the second lens and invest it in a better quality display panel or slightly improved design. The part which I particularly didn’t like about the camera was the auto focusing. I sometimes couldn’t get it to focus at all. In wide shots where it’s hard to tell where the background ends and the foreground begins it does it’s job well but in close ups of objects where you want a nice bokeh in the background it would sometimes refuse to focus on the foreground object. 8 out 10 of times it does it work fine. Quoting Paul Rudd from Anchorman “80 percent of the time, it works everytime.”.


If there’s anything fantastic about this device it’s the battery. The phone has a giant 3340 mAh battery. In my day I usually end up draining the battery by the end of the day and charge it over night however with this phone I was never worried about the battery I would forget to charge it in the night and it would still serve me the next day. I’ve noticed in the last 3 devices they have really started to focus on the battery. The honor 8, nova plus and the Mate 9 all had fantastic battery life and this one even though being mid range phone is no exception. If anything I would buy this phone for the tremendous battery life.

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