Huawei Honor 8 In-depth Review

December 1, 2016   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  Uncategorized

We’ve seen some great designed devices from Huawei but none have been as beautiful as the new Honor 8. In a slew of metal uni-body devices the Honor 8 stands out with it’s industrial grade glass construction. It was love at first sight when they announced the device after that I couldn’t contain myself to use the Honor 8. After using the device for a considerably long period of time I can honestly say that the phone lived up to my expectations. There are so many things that I love about this phone which I will get into in this review of the Honor 8.

Design and Build Quality. 

As I said before I love the build quality of the phone. It’s feels exquisitely premium with it’s glass back, metal band on the side with extremely high quality buttons. There is just enough travel within the buttons that they don’t feel too janky or entirely recessed, they’re just perfect. Both the USB type-C port and the headphone jack feel incredibly durable both of the cables don’t wiggle around once connected. This is something that is taken for-granted however when you have to use a phone that doesn’t fit right with the earphones it can be a nightmare to use especially for someone like me who doesn’t leave the house without earphones. I also love the placement of the finger print sensor and quality of the button they used. It blends in quite well with the rest of the phone. I’ll make this very simple if you care about the aesthetics of a phone then you can’t go wrong with the Honor 8, the design and build quality is perfect.


The Honor 8 has a 5.2 inch FHD display. However it doesn’t feel like a 5.2 inch display it feels more like 4.8 or 5.0, It’s extremely compact and that’s not a necessarily a bad thing, the entire phone is very accessible and can be used by one hand. The blacks are as black as they can be on an LCD panel and the colors are vivid and saturation. However one thing and even this is a nitpick that the colors are saturation up to 11, this can make the reds some time appear pinkish in certain lightening conditions but it’s only noticeable when you compare it side by side with another smartphone. In most conditions and under direct sunlight the display does its job well.


The Honor 8 follows the trend of most high end smartphones which is having a dual camera set up on the back and like those other smartphones the camera is nothing short of being fantastic. The photos are crisp, saturated and the aperture of 2.0 gives it plenty of depth. The optical image stabilization also helps in smooth panning video. If you are a fan of smartphone photography then you won’t be let down.

Connectivity and sensors.

Lets start with talking about the IR blaster, a dying breed in current generation smartphones but I’m glad they put it in the Honor 8. Although it’s nice being able to control certain electronic devices from the phone the main reason I used it was to mess with people. While eating dinner at a restaurant I saw a guy occasionally fixing up his hair, after every five minutes he would do something with his hair and whenever he would do that I would change the channel on the television. This was quite fun and I turned on the AC in my university and made other students think they were malfunctioning little did they know it was me having fun. So the IR Blaster is a huge plus.

The call quality was also great and I never dropped a call. However the best sensor in the device is the finger print sensor. It’s lightening fast and never misses. Even if I quickly move my finger away it does recognize the input. I also liked how you could perform a few functions through the finger print sensor like pulling the notification drawer or browsing photos but I wish this was implemented more in the operating system like being able to skip music tracks by swiping over the sensor or zooming and navigating through specific parts of a photo.

Nitpicks and Everything I didn’t like.

I loved mostly everything about the Honor 8 however because of my curious nature I can not relax without finding a flaw but the phone doesn’t have any big flaws whatsoever. I would recommend buying it. If I could change anything in the phone I would add more finger print sensor functionality as I mentioned before and I would move the speaker to the front instead of firing downwards. I would completely remove the EMUI in favor of a more stock android experience. Although as of right now the device is nothing but perfect.