Huawei Mate 9 Review!

January 26, 2017   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  huawei, Tech

The Huawei Mate 9 is the latest flagship device from Huawei. After the success that was the Mate 8 , this new device takes every good thing from the mate 8 and builds up on it even further. So let’s talk about this phone.

Build Quality

The build quality of this phone is truly one of the best. You can get it in brushed or matte matel but I preferred it in matte and every second of holding it felt like I was holding something of great quality. Magnificent job in designing this device. The screen is 6.0 inches but the bezels are tiny enough that it’s not difficult to hold. In fact the slight curve in the middle makes it much easier to hold. It’s still a bit slippery though so I would recommend using the cover included in the phone or a skin to add more grip on the phone.

The power button and the volume buttons are very tactile and they’re not recessed into the device, they are just protruded enough that they don’t stick out and high quality enough that you won’t ever end up accidentally pressing them.

Over all the device is built with quality and precision and it shows. Even the parts that you might feel like they would cut corners, they didn’t. Even the speaker grill is made of metal. It’s amazing. I’m in love with the design of this phone.


The display of the phone is a 6.0 inch 1080p panel and that’s interesting. The mechanism is that the larger the display is the lower the pixel density gets for example if you have a 4.5-5.0 inch 720p display it would look great with high pixel density however when you stretch that resolution to a 6.0-7.0 inches it’s going to look terrible and the pixel matrix would be visible to even your neighbors. So it’s interesting to include a 1080p screen on 6 inches when most flagships have QHD (2K resolution) on even smaller displays. This might be a subjective thing but I pretty much prefer the highest resolution screen possible and amoled panels, that really satisfies my soul, it makes me sleep better at night /s. Understandably I was worried that I might end up hating the display but after some days of usage I really wasn’t bothered by it. If you look very closely like you put the phone right in front of  your eyes, a few inches away than you would be able to notice the pixels but in normal every day usage the display does the job well. It’s a good panel with a bit over saturated colors that make everything pop out a bit which I don’t mind I actually welcome that. However in the future I hope they switch to an Amoled QHD display just so me a big nerd can be satisfied and it seems like they are, the P10 and the Honor Magic are both rumored to have Amoled QHD panels.


Normally I wouldn’t make speakers a separate headline, however in this phone it would be an absolute disservice to the device if we don’t talk about the speakers. They are fantastic. I remember last year I complained that the Mate 8 had one tiny bottom firing speaker so I was very happy to see that this time they included a stereo speaker, so two speakers in the bottom which are very loud without much noise.

Speakers are usually the most over locked thing in a phone, so I am very happy to went in to make everything even the speakers so good.

Finger Print Sensor and Connectivity

Like most flagship devices the finger print sensor works flawlessly. It’s in the back and that’s another subjective thing however for me the back is the ideal location to put the finger print sensor. It’s very efficient and registers the touch before even half a second and by the time you take out the phone from your pocket and face it towards you it’s already unlocked and ready to go.

It’s equipped with most sensors you would expect a current generation device to have but it includes a small gem that is the infrared sensor. Most manufactures don’t include this but I’m glad Huawei included it, it’s just so much fun being able to control most electronics and making other people think there electronics are haunted.

Apart from the infrared every other sensor works great as well, the connectivity is good I didn’t face any dropped calls or lost signal strength. Everything works smoothly.

Operating System and Performance

In the performance department the phone is powered by a Krin 960. If this was still 2013 or 2014 then I would have strongly disagreed with the processor  and recommended a device with Snapdragon 800 (it was the current gen that year), however with the recent decline in quality from Snapdragon and the increase in efficiency in Krin and Exynos processors I would now even recommend skipping a Snapdragon 810-820 device in favor of those processors. The device runs smoothly without any lag, and doesn’t heat up much apart from the traditional warmness you get from the metal body, it works well even in extensive applications without any stuttering or frame drops. Would recommend this phone for power users and business people. The nerd inside me really wants them to share kernel sources so we can get some good unofficial development however that’s not even a trade off for non-root fanatics.

If there’s anything I hated as much as touchwiz or at times more it was Emui. It was so bad. This phone brings a much needed refresh to the operating system now it feels like the OS isn’t trying to be iOS but something of it’s own. The glossy weird designs are gone in favor of a more uniform and materiel approach. It feels like it’s a less strain on the system and honestly I like it.


The dual lens setup of this camera is the best camera in any phone right now period. I am amazed by how much the smartphone photography has improved since these past years. In the video we go much in detail about the camera. I still don’t like the post processing of the camera but over all the camera is fantastic. Would recommend this to every smartphone-camera enthusiast no matter how small of a breed we are.

Overall I love this device and I think it’s truly one of the best to come from Huawei yet.

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