Huawei P10 Review!

May 1, 2017   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  huawei, Tech

Huawei P10 is the latest flagship  stature device from Huawei and one we certainly were anticipating for a long time. I think after the success of the P9 we were all curious to see what they bring out next year so I was very happy when I got this device. Without further ado lets talk about this device.

Build Quality

Build quality is an aspect of the phone where I get the most critical. I care too much about how the phone looks, how it feels in the hand, what materials is it made from and how ergonomic is it, so usually I tend to be very harsh on devices when it comes to build quality. However, the P10 is magnificent beauty when it comes to build quality. The back is entirely made of metal and the bottom has a slight groove made of plastic for wifi and cellular signals. It’s very reminiscent of the iphone 7, so if you are coming from an ios device you will feel right at home. On my review unit the there was a soft metallic finishing which I was instantly a fan of however the phone also comes in brushed metallic as well.

Overall I’m impressed by the build of the phone, it’s certainly a good design and not too flashy.



Before we start talking about the display, it’s essential that I give a little bit of background of my preference of displays. I usually prefer AMOLED screens as compared to LCDs and because of my nerdiness I can’t help but desire the highest possible resolution. This however is not very practical since the resolution effected by the size and when you are on a 4.5 to 5.5 inch display then 1080p is more than enough. The phone has a 5,1 inch 1080p LCD display. I really liked the display of the phone the content it produces is very saturated and the contrast is good as well. Even though it’s an LCD still it performs much better than other LCD IPS panels you would find.

I liked using the display however I wish that next year they opt in for an AMOLED or an OLED panel instead of an LCD even if they go for a pentile matrix I don’t mind because 5.1 inches is large enough to not notice the pentile matrix.


Even though dual cameras have been around for awhile it was Huawei who certainly made them mainstream last year with it’s P9. After that, every manufacture has started putting dual cameras in their phones especially in the their flagship devices. Leaked photos suggest that even Samsung experimented with the concept for it’s S8 but eventually went back to a single camera but sources claim that the Note 8 would indeed follow the trend and have dual cameras.

All that aside how does the camera perform on the P10? Well I think the camera is really good, the back cameras are certainly very very good. The wider lens on the back makes much more sense, it allows you to take a much wider photo and cover in a lot more people or background while the other cameras is great for portraits and macro shots. You can see the photos yourself and judge the quality.

However the front facing camera of the phone is an entirely different story. I was expecting it to be just as good as the back cameras however I left underwhelmed by it’s performance. Usually when the front camera is lacking the post production on software level is increased to make up for it which in my opinion just ends up making photos look worse. I wasn’t impressed by the front camera at all. It’s the color correction especially is all over the place and make all the wrong colors stand out. I hope they can software patch the camera up to make it’s post production less aggressive and go with a much better lens next year.



Huawei devices usually have great performance, their in-house processor works well even the mid tear Kirin 650 series is surprising very effective. However the phone has the top tear 960 chip so in theory the performance of the phone should be one of the best. At times it is very very good however sometimes I faced a bit stutters and lag nothing to much. This was very surprising to me because the Mate 9 with the same processor had much snappier experience. I think the reason for this is software optimization, they need to make it more efficient on a software scale to take advantage of that glorious 960 chip.


 The Battery life of the phone is another part where I was left underwhelmed , It’s a 3200 mAh battery but it by the end of the day I would be on 25 to 30 percent charge left. It’s not bad but really different from what I was expecting, especially because previous huawei devices had performed very well in this regard. The Nova Plus and the Mate 9 would end the day on 45 to 50 percent respectively.

I think because of the smaller size they couldn’t fit a bigger battery and in theory it would be much better in the P10 Plus since it has more space and a bigger battery.


Last month when I used the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017; I didn’t have a good experience with the finger print sensor. I blamed this partially on the placement of the sensor and thought that I was just more use to the back placement of the sensor but Huawei P10 has proved me wrong in this regard. The front facing finger print sensor on the P10 is absolutely astonishing. It registers the contact quicker before I can even take off the finger. It’s really amazing. One of the best in the market.

I also enjoyed the gestures they have added to the finger print sensor. One click on the sensor acts as a back button, long press is home and a swipe takes to you the recents menu. This took me some time to get used to but after sometime I disabled the on screen nav bar and just used gestures to navigate around, I had no problems whatsoever and I think more manufactures should also include this gestures.


Concluding this review, I think the Huawei P10 is a fantastic device. I would certainly use this as my daily driver. Even though I was a bit underwhelmed by some aspects I don’t think they are a deal breaker and over all this is a great deal. The back cameras were fabulous and the build quality satisfied me very well. I’m excited to see what they bring next year.