Huawei P9 Plus comes to Pakistan

May 21, 2016   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  Featured, huawei, Tech

Huawei has been seriously killing it with it’s recent devices. First the Mate 8 and the P9 both which of blew me away and dominated the market share here in Pakistan. Now Huawei has added another device to it’s track record of amazing devices. The Huawei P9 plus is the continuation of the much celebrated P series.

Recently, in a launch event in Dubai, Huawei brought forth its all new, flagship smart phone the Huawei P9 Plus. With much emphasis on the camera optics and the design of the phone the device has turned many heads in the smartphone market. Now the much awaited smartphone has made it’s way to the emerging market of  Pakistan.


Specifications and Overview

The specifications of the phone include a 5.5 inch 1080p display, a bit bigger than the P9’s 5.2 inch display. 64 GB of on board storage with an SD-Card slot and 4 GB of RAM. Powering the phone is an octa-core Kirin 955 processor with 4 cortex A-72 cores clocked in at 2.5 Ghz for intensive apps and 4 cortex A-53 cores clocked in at 1.8 Ghz for less processor hungry apps.

The main feature and the reason why the phone is shaping up to be one of the best smartphones of the year is it’s highly praised camera. The Huawei P9 plus features 2, 12-mp lenses which have been manufactured and influenced by Lecia. One lens captures a normal photo and the other one captures it in monochromatic mode, in this mode the picture has more depth and sharpness. The phone then combines the photos in post processing and gives out an amazing looking, top quality photo. I haven’t been able to test this out myself but the general consensus on the internet and most of the reviewers are praising the phone’s camera claiming it’s unlike anything they have seen before.

The last thing which I’m excited about is that the Huawei P9 Plus has a USB Type-C connector. This might be a little thing to everyone else but as a nerd I’ve been geeking out on the Type-C connector since they released it. In Layman’s terms it essentially is a reversible power connector. You can connect it with the cable any way you like but the aspect of USB Type C which I care about is that it’s the next step in unifying technology. Pretty soon we will be in a world where you use the same cable to charge your phone, to charge your laptop, to mirror your display with the TV and pretty much everything else. This phone takes a step in making that come true.

That has been it, I’m very excited about this device and can’t wait to get my hands on it and give my full review. Please like us on facebook to stay up to date with our latest content.