Huawei Y6 In-depth Review

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Huawei Y6 In-depth Review

The Huawei Y6 is Huawei’s latest device in the mid-range phone category. In the spec department it has a Quadcore snapdragon 210 processor clocked in at 1.1 GHz, 2GB of RAM, a 2200 mAh battery and all that being powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop. The device is priced at 14,900 PKR and around 152 Dollars.

Before I get into much detail about the phone I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised with what Huawei has done with its devices recently and this phone is no exception. I think that Huawei has done an overwhelmingly good job in the design of the phone, the build quality of the phone, the display of the phone and the battery life especially when you consider the price point I must admit that I’m impressed. We will go in depth into all of those things along with some negative points which I thought where present in the device though spoiler alert there aren’t many bad things about the device everything looks and feels refined and high quality.

So without further ado let’s get into the design and the build quality of the Huawei Y6.


Personally my favorite aspect of any phone is its design and build quality and because of this I get nitpicky whether to keep or dismiss a device. When I unboxed the Huawei y6 and held it for the first time I couldn’t believe how rigid it felt. I’m happy to report that the build quality on this phone is excellent even better than some higher end devices which costs almost twice the price. Really I can’t stress enough about how well constructed it is. It feels so good to hold this phone its compact enough to use in one hand easily. It’s entirely constructed with plastic but it’s not a cheap, low quality plastic, everything about this device seems premium and high quality even the plastic has a brushed metallic finish to it which I love. It’s little things like this which bring the build quality to a whole new level. After I showed the device to the people around me they had a hard time believing that this phone only costs around 15 thousand rupees by the build quality alone. I can easily tell where the manufactures cut corners and they certainly didn’t cut any corners while designing the phone and choosing the materials for building it.


On the phone there are two speaker grills on the bottom although only one of them fires audio the other is a microphone, on the right side of the phone we have a power button and volume control buttons. The buttons have plenty of travel so you’ll know when you accidently press them and they don’t feel mushy or janky which is always a welcome addition. The top of the device has a headphone jack and left side is completely empty.

The front side of the device now there’s a lot to talk about here. I love it when manufactures take their time in designing the front side of the device and do it right because in the end the front side of your phone will be the side you and everyone will see the most. With the Huawei Y6 I have to give extra props to Huawei for doing the front side justice. It looks beautiful if you look closely the front side has this dotted texture to it and whenever light passes through it and I notice it, it always makes me geek out. Really it’s so good.

I’m so impressed with the design and build quality of the phone I absolutely love it. The Huawei Y6 gets 4/5 stars from me in the design department.


The display is another strong point of the Huawei Y6. It’s a 5-inch panel with a resolution of 1280 x 720 and a pixel density of 294 ppi. The display panel alone is a high quality ips screen, with other phones in this price range I notice that when the display is powered off they have this weird grayish tint to them which makes the display stand out from the rest of the front side and it just looks unappealing but here with the Huawei Y6 when powered off its completely black and blends in comfortably with the rest of the body so it looks appealing. The colors are accurate, nicely saturated and vibrant which is something that you don’t really get in this price range. I also used the phone in direct sunlight and it gets pretty bright so it’s not a problem to use this outdoors. Again I have to give props to Huawei for an amazing display panel.

Here’s a sample of how pictures look on this 720p panel.


As you could see yourself, pictures translate really well to the display. For watching videos and movies it’s a great panel and you will certainly have a good time watching your favorite movies on it.

Here’s a sample of how movies look on the panel.

In my opinion the 5-inch screen size is the perfect size for one handed use. I have pretty large hands and I had no problem with texting and general everyday use with the phone. Also the bezels are respectively small which makes the phone compact and easy to hold. My conclusion with the display is that it’s a solid panel I mean getting an HD display under 15 thousand rupees is a ridiculously good deal and if you’re someone who can’t make up his mind on buying this phone. You should buy it for the display alone.


It’s quite understandable that when Huawei set out to make a budget device with solid build quality, a solid display and with 4G LTE they had to cut corners somewhere else, so to bring the price down to around 15 Thousand rupees they had to use a Snapdragon 210 processor. The Snapdragon 210 is certainly a good processor its not bad by any means, the phone’s operating system ran smoothly without dropping much frame rates but the 210 is not built for extensive tasks. Its built for efficient power consumption, saving battery and for light everyday tasks, the phone excels at all those things. It’s just not built for apps like Photoshop or Google Earth. Which is not much of a drawback when you consider the price and the features of the phone.

Speaking of Battery life, the Huawei Y6 has a 2200 mAh battery which doesn’t sound much but when you consider that it’s running a snapdragon 210 processor which doesn’t consume much power and a 720p display the results become clear. In my experience the battery life was surprisingly solid I was even able to use it for two days without a single charge which is something that I haven’t been able to achieve on most higher end devices. One day I kept on playing games and kept the screen on for as long as possible and I was able to get above 4 hours of screen on time. Any phone which gives about 4 hours of screen on time gets an A+ in battery department from me.


Before we get into much detail about the OS I have to mention that I’m not a big fan of skinned android (I like it naked 3:) ) and the reason why I purposely step away from buying non nexus devices is the skin they put on. That said I was actually pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed Huawei’s EMUI skin they put on Android 5.1 Lollipop. It’s like a rebel, it throws out pretty much all the material design from Android 5 out of the window and replaces it with its own glossy colorful look. Its refreshingly nice and not as bloated as touch wiz.


The things I loved the most in Huawei’s EMUI are the little things they added like long pressing the back button will bring you back to the previous app, double taping the display will turn it on, swiping up from the lock screen will show shortcuts. The operating system is filled with little details like this which I don’t consider gimmicky since they actually save your time. Just like everything else I mentioned another thing which Huawei got right is the look of their skinned Android. It’s designed beautifully a word which I have not used for any skinned Android before. The best thing about having such a great display is showing off your wallpaper and they made sure you show off your wallpaper by making the menus transparent. The notification drawer in particular was a stand-out part of the OS with its heavy Gaussian blurred background and I like how the notifications get time stamped on the side.


The stock apps where designed pretty well too especially the music app I almost always geek out when I use it. Speaking of Apps the messaging, contacts and dialer are built into a single app and that’s actually pretty clever and saves some space.


There’s not much to talk about in the camera department. When you are buying a sub 15 thousand rupees device you can expect a few drawbacks and the camera is one of the drawbacks. It’s not the worst camera ever, in decent lighting it does a serviceable job but in questionable lightening it starts to show its problems.

In my opinion there’s only one legitimate way to see a camera’s performance and that is to take a lot of cat photos so that’s exactly what I did.

Huawei_Y6_CameraSample (4)Huawei_Y6_CameraSample (3)Huawei_Y6_CameraSample (2)Huawei_Y6_CameraSample (7)Huawei_Y6_CameraSample (8)Huawei_Y6_CameraSample (9)Huawei_Y6_CameraSample (6)Huawei_Y6_CameraSample (10)Huawei_Y6_CameraSample (1)Huawei_Y6_CameraSample (5)

The camera app is pretty featured filled with a lot of options you can mess around with but the thing to note is when the camera lens is not good no matter how much post processing you add it’s not going to enhance the photos dramatically. Also the camera app has a beauty mode which when I first saw I my thought was this:


(that’s actually me) But it’s nothing like that, the beauty mode just makes the colors look more saturated and vibrant.


If you are considering buying this device, you should go out and buy it immediately it’s a great device. Like I said before having an HD display under 15 thousand rupees is a ridiculously good deal. At the end of the day I was really happy with this device and I think you will be too. Here are some final notes for the device.

  • +The display is absolutely perfect.
  • +The build quality is top notch and high quality.
  • +Operating System is a fresh new take on Android.
  • +The performance is good but I wish there was a variant of the phone with no LTE instead having a Snapdragon 400, 410 processor.
  • +No mediatek processor that’s always a good point.
  • +This device was a pleasant surprise and has me looking forward to what Huawei brings in the future.
  • -Beauty mode gives false hope.

In the end this device gets a 4 out of 5 stars from us.


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  • Abdul Moeed Azhar

    Awesome review and ur pic was very cool 😀

  • hahaha thankyou 😀

  • RustyRiley

    thanks for providing this, but a more functional way of testing the camera is to see if it can scan barcodes — this phone seems on a par with the Vodafone Smart Prime 6, which in my experience does NOT have this ability.

  • Dixie

    Top man, thanks very much. Mark (in New Zealand)

  • thehut1234

    Great review.
    I enjoyed this phone for all of the reasons mentioned above. Something however that I did not enjoy was how much the device was a magnet for smears grease and dirt. I’ve had a lot of devices and have never seen anything like this.

    That being said, the best mid range phone I’ve ever used.

  • Aleksandar Hakler Milenković

    is this y6 from 2015? i have one and it has just 1gb of ram. wtf bro?