Infinix S2 Review! The Best Phone you can get for Rs. 18,000

May 13, 2017   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  Tech

We have used a lot of different phones over the years and a lot of those phones have been from Samsung and Huawei, since those are the dominating manufactures here in Pakistan. It was really good and a nice change of pace to have an opportunity to review a device that was not by those manufactures. I’m glad Infinix mobile gave us this phone, the Infinix S2 for review and I can’t wait to talk about this phone.

Build Quality

Like most phones, build quality is the first thing I notice and in this phone; I think it’s something worth talking about. Essentially this is pretty much a budget device, it costs only 18,000 rupees approximately around 180 dollars. Usually in this price range I don’t expect much from build quality. Like if you take Samsung phones from this price range you’re pretty much going to get a lame plastic hollow feeling body and sub par display. This phone however pretty much crushes the competition in the price range. The back of the phone is made of metal and with plastic panels on the top and bottom side for signals and antennas. The side has a chrome finish to it very reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S3 of old. The buttons are also made of plastic but they have plenty of travel and feel rather good. The whole phone is really comfortable in the hand and it’s not problem using this device for a couple of hours without getting tired.

Overall I really like the build quality, it feels premium, it has heft. It does make the phone look much more expensive and premium than it really is.


If I ask you to find a phone with full HD 1080p resolution in this price range, it would be extremely difficult. Most manufactures still include a low end 480p or even a vga panel in this price. However, Infinix manages to include a full HD 1080p panel in the phone. Now the quality is not as good as more expensive phones but it’s still a 1080p display and looks rather impressive for what it’s worth.

The saturation of the screen was a little bit on the colder side for my taste but after a few days I got used to and would only notice the difference when I had a different phone side by side. For everyday normal user I think the display is more than fine, it’s incredible. The photos and videos looked great and I didn’t feel like I was losing anything while watching movies on this 5.2 inch panel.


As my partner said in the video “The camera in this phone is no joke guys” and I absolutely agree, when talking about the front cameras. Yes there are two cameras in the front, it’s really something I have never seen before in any other smartphone.

The functionality of the dual camera setup is that one lens is there to take normal portraits however the other wide is super wide angle for really huge groups and I think it works really really well. I was really impressed by both cameras even though I’m not much of selfie guy I really think the camera in this phone is really useful and I hope this is a feature that can crossover to higher budget phones as well.

The back camera, however, is pretty run of the mill camera. It’s better than nothing and it’s certainly good in decent lighting but over all it’s doesn’t blow you away. The sharpness is not that good and the colors are a little bit unsaturated for my taste. But over all I think this doesn’t matter much for a normal everyday user it’s really good.

Performance and Operating System

This phone has a mediatek processor so immediately I was worried that I’m not going to get good performance, but to my surprise mediatek has actually come a long way. The performance on this phone was really really good. It handled most apps without an issue. Even snapchat which is not very well optimized for android and would lag on higher budget phones but this phone handled it like a champ. The games ran smoothly and without any issues. The thing which really matters to me is that there was no problem in using social apps like facebook, instagram and reddit.

The operating system however is an aspect of the phone which is in dire need of an upgrade. It has Chameleon OS based on Android 7.0. My main issue with the operating system was that it’s filled with bugs and a lot of these bugs hinder the experience. They need to ironed out. For some reason I couldn’t change the lock screen wallpaper even after multiple tries it really baffles me how would that go unnoticed while developing the operating system. Long story short the OS needs a lot of improvement.


The battery life in this phone is, in my opinion, the best aspect of this phone. I just couldn’t get it to end. In heavy usage it my day would end on 40-45 percent of charge left and on low to mid usage I would just not charge it for 2 days without an issue. Even though the phone doesn’t have quick charging, the adopter added in the box charges the phone really quickly. I was surprised and mistook that phone had quick charging. Amazing work on the battery infinix!


Overall I think this is a fantastic device, especially for the price. This handles most things I through at it well and to be honest I’d be hard pressed to find a better phone in this price. There are not really a lot of compromises with this phone. If you buy this phone I think you’re going to have a good time.