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xiaomi redmi 5 plus vs huawei mate 10 lite

Last year we had some really amazing budget phones one of which was the Mate 10 Lite and that phone is still very very popular. However as time goes by it’s inevitable that better things are going to come out. Xiaomi just released its new Redmi 5 Plus which aims to be just that, a better phone which costs even less. But is it any good? Let’s find out.


When it comes to the build quality, the Mate 10 Lite consists of a metal unibody, however, the Redmi 5 Plus goes for a more sandwiched design instead. The Mate 10 lite is all metal, the top the bottom the sides it’s all metal while in the Redmi 5 Plus just the slab in the back is made of metal the sides, the top and the bottom is made of plastic.

Plastic doesn’t get scratched as much as metal but it also doesn’t feel as premium as metal. The Mate 10 Lite does feel better when holding. The Mate 10 lite is also a tiny bit smaller than the Mi A1.

However, what the Redmi 5 Plus lacks in the build it does make up for in the features. The Redmi 5 plus has an IR blaster on top and it includes fast charging both things that are not available in the Mate 10 Lite.

The front side of the 5 plus also looks a bit better to me, the corners are rounded which in my opinion look better.

In the end, both of the phones do have good build considering their price but the Mate 10 Lite just edges out the Redmi 5 plus in this department. Having a back, completely made of metal

just feels more premium.


When it comes to the camera, On paper it sounds like the Mate 10 Lite would have a better camera, and to be honest I was even expecting the Mate 10 Lite to have a better camera since it’s such a huge part of the phone. But what surprised me was that the 12 Megapixel camera on the Redmi 5 plus is slightly better than the 16 Megapixel camera on the Mate 10 Lite, it captures more details and over all I think it’s photos look more sharper and more vibrant.

The front camera however is a completely different story, the Mate 10 Lite’s front camera is a lot better than the Redmi’s front camera, the camera is only 5 Megapixel in the Redmi phone and it shows when comparing photos. The Mate 10 Lite’s front camera takes a much better photo.

Apart from the quality, the Mate 10 Lite also has more features, especially the portrait mode. Which is not available in the Redmi 5 plus.

In the end if you don’t care about the front camera, like me and don’t mind not having portrait mode and want to have slighter better photos from the back camera then go with the Redmi phone however if you are a selfie person and want to use the portrait mode then go with the Mate 10 Lite.

Over all I think the Mate 10 lite is has a more complete camera package than the Redmi 5 Plus.


The Redmi 5 Plus has a Snapdragon 625 and the Mate 10 Lite has a Kirin 659, both are really good processors and in day to day usage I don’t have any problems using either of these however, The Snapdragon 625 is just a better processor, it scores higher in benchmarks, it has better developer support and almost every time either the apps opened quicker on the Redmi phone or at the same time as the Mate 10 lite. It was never behind the Mate 10 Lite.

Both of these phones have 4GB of RAM so there’s no issue there but the Redmi 5 plus just feels a bit smoother and quicker than the Mate 10 Lite, the interface looks so much better as well, It’s so well designed, and it’s pleasing to the eyes while EMUI looks more like traditional android.

Pretty much all the features from the Mate 10 Lite are also available on the Redmi 5 plus, like scrolling screenshots and dual apps. But the Redmi 5 plus also has an IR blaster so you can control other electronics through this phone which you can not do on the Mate 10 lite.

In the end of the day, I would  chose the Redmi 5 plus when it comes to performance. The UI is much more user friendly, the animations flow better and the performance is better as well. The Redmi 5 plus is the clear winner here.


On paper it sounds like both of these should have the same display, they are both 5.9 inches, they both have 18:9 aspect ratio and for the most part of the displays are really good. In my Mate 10 Lite review I mentioned that the display on it is really good, however the display on the Redmi 5 Plus is even better. The sharpness is about the same, they are both very sharp but the colors and the contrast is much better on the Note 5. I love the display of this phone and because of the display whenever I’m picking a phone to use between these I chose the Note 5 Plus.

The photos look so much more vibrant on the Note 5 plus, it’s amazing. For movies and tv and you know every day stuff both of these displays won’t let you down but when you put them side side and compare them the difference is clear. The Note 5 Plus just has a fantastic display.


The battery on the Mate 10 Lite is 3340 Mili Amp Power but the Battery on the Redmi 5 plus is 4000 Mili Amp Power. Not only is the battery life better on the Redmi 5 plus, clocking in at more than 8 hours of screen on time while the Mate 10 Lite’s battery clocks in at about 6 hours. But there is also Fast charging available on the Redmi 5 Plus which is not available on the Mate 10 Lite.

In the end of the day, it’s very tough decision to choose one of these devices. Both have their strengths the Mate 10 Lite has a better build quality and a better front camera but the Redmi 5 plus has a much better display, better battery and slightly better performance.

After thinking for a long time, I think when it comes down to it. I would chose the Redmi 5 Plus over the Mate 10 Lite. I do like Mate 10 Lite’s better front camera but I’m not really a front camera user. I would rather have the things that I use all the time to be better than something I occasionally use and with that in mind the Redmi 5 Plus fits better with my needs.

The Mate 10 lite is also a fantastic phone don’t get me wrong, but in the world of technology you can’t be the best for too long. Pretty much every time there’s a fantastic phone, two three months later a better phone is going to come out which is going to be cheaper. Which is what has happened with the Mate 10 Lite, it was a fantastic phone but now better phones are coming out and the Redmi 5 Plus is just that.

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