July 24, 2014   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  Movies and Tv

The Legend of Korra is an excellent show, granted it’s not as good as Avatar: The Last Airbender but its awesome in its on place. Nickelodeon shouldn’t stop broadcasting it. I have seen worse animated series being broadcasted, I know that legend of Korra is getting worse but there are ways you can fix it. Stopping the show on television that’s just stupid.

Things wrong with The Legend of Korra:

The Legend of Korra has been getting worse and after researching it’s becoming clear why it’s getting worse. Every episode of Avatar: The last airbender was epic each episode was funny it was amazing story telling but lately The Legend of Korra has been becoming less funnier and less to the point. The reason for that is all the changes going on behind the scenes. The Season 1 of the legend of Korra was straight out one of the best seasons of any animated show ever but things starting become bad in season 2 and worse in season 3. That’s because the writers were changed, in the The last airbender every episode was written by the creators of the show Michael Dante Demartino and Bryan Konietzko and that remained the same in season 1 of Legend of Korra that’s why it was awesome. They were the dynamic duo. After season 1 they decided to focus more on the behind the scenes stuff like animation and how the show looked visually and they did a fine job on that season 2 was visually amazing and in season 3 not only the animation is amazing but the soundtracks have been made more epic but they didn’t focus on the writing. The writing sucks now it’s not funny anymore and story doesn’t really ties up together.

Remember the episode “The Tales of Ba-Sing-se” there were no fight scenes in it, it was not even related to the story but still it was one of the best episode of The Last Airbender that’s because it was well written and thought out and yes it was written by Michael and Bryan. You can take many more examples like “The cave of two lovers” or “The Dessert” all these episodes had no relation with the storyline but still they were amazing. “The Dessert” one is even my favorite episode. The point I’m focusing on is that okay you made the animation epic but please now focus back on the writing. If Micheal and Dante write all the remaining episodes of season 3 and season 4 then maybe the Legend of Korra can go on the same level as The last airbender.Nickelodeon should have noticed this and asked Michael and Bryan to fix this instead of stopping its broadcasting.

Michael on his facebook said that Season 4 is even in production by Studio Mir and series will continue online on It’s pretty obvious that Nickelodeon is not happy with The legend of Korra but still they shouldn’t stop it from television. After the last season of The Last Airbender the show continued in comics and they showed Zuko finding his mother and Aang and Zuko creating the republic city so its possible that The Legend of Korra too might continue on comics and even if that happens in my opinion to make The Legend of Korra as amazing as the Last airbender Michael and Dante should move back in writing.

The legend of Korra has 1,147,370 likes on facebook and many followers on twitter and on other social medias. Nickelodeon you are disappointing all these approximately 1.2 Million people.