Real Me Pro 2 Hands on

January 10, 2019   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  Tech

So Realme is a new company that just recently launched in Pakistan. Whenever there’s a new company I get super excited cuz I like experiencing new stuff. Anyways Realme released a few phones and this is the Realme Pro 2. Before we talk about the phone I wanna talk about the box, normally I don’t like to talk about boxes I just include a quick unboxing because I don’t really like watching unboxing videos, I find them boring I mean it’s just a box everyone knows what’s inside but with this phone I am interested in talking about the box. Mainly that’s because the box looks really good, it looks very different. I really dig the grey and yellow color scheme that’s going on here. It’s very visually appealing and I just wanna applaud the person who designed this because you don’t usually see manufacturers putting a lot of effort in the box so it’s nice seeing Realme go the extra mile.


Let’s talk about the phone.


Visually I think the phone looks really appealing, It’s a very big 6.3 inches display and the design is really modern, there are very tiny bazels and there’s a small chin at the bottom. There’s a small camera cut out instead of a notch which I really like. Overall I’ve been enjoying this design in other phones and this phone is no exception. It looks really nice and I think if you take it out in public it will attract quite a bit of attention.


The frame on the side is made of plastic and the back is this very glossy plastic that feels like glass. I would have preferred at least a metal frame but I don’t mind this considering the price and the specs.


The main highlight in this phone in my opinion is the price and the specs. This retails at about 45,000 rupees and for that price you are getting a lot of stuff. This phone has 8GB of RAM, that’s the same amount of RAM as my laptop and phones from other brands have about 4GB at this price so suffice to say you are getting quite a lot of RAM.


There’s a Snapdragon 660 processor and I’ve quite enjoyed that processor in other phones. So I expect good performance from the phone.


In terms of camera this phone has a 16 megapixel primary camera and a 2 megapixel depth sensor in the back and there’s a 16 megapixel front cam. If you know anything about cameras you will know that megapixel is just the size of the imagine and it has absolutely no relation to the quality. But the camera sensor on the phone is the Sony IMX398, the Oneplus 5t also had the same sensor and I was quite happy with the camera performance on that phone regarding the price. Here I’m expecting similar camera performance at even a lesser price.


Lastly there’s a 3500 miliampower battery and there’s a micro usb port, I would have preffered fast charging as well as a USB type C port but I’m interested in seeing how the battery performs.



So that was it, the first impressions I have gotten from the phone are really positive. I’m impressed with what they are packing in this phone in a very low price, I’m excited to use it and make a full review in the coming days but right now I’m quite impressed with the new commer Realme. More companies sending their great products to Pakistan means more competition and more competition means competitive prices and in the end this means more options for the consumer which is always a good thing.