Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Review!

April 6, 2017   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  Uncategorized

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy S7 I’ve been crazy about Samsung devices, so I was looking forward to the Note 7; however because of that whole fiasco we couldn’t get the Note 7 but with A series 2017 Samsung has shown that they are still pretty big in the smartphone game and they still have a pretty good grasp on making flagship devices. So lets talk in detail about the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017.

After using it for a few days, it quickly became one of my favorite devices. It’s one of those phone that over time you start noticing the flaws but still enjoy and love the device as day one. I enjoyed almost everything about the phone and there are only a small number of things that they could improve upon for the year 2018.

Build Quality

One of the strong points of the device is definitely it’s build quality. It matches the build quality of the S7, the note 7 and the most recent S8. It has a very similar feeling in the hand as those devices and I loved how the metal sides are painted to match color of the phone. It makes the device look discreet, it’s a small subtle touch which I think really improves the appeal of the phone. The back of the phone is glass and every time I hear glass backs I worry about scratches and marks but the Gorilla Glass 4 finish on the back glass makes it very difficult to damaging or scratches so you would have no problems using the device.

On the bottom of the phone there’s a headphone jack, the type C USB port; two things that I think are absolutely necessary in making every phone great. The sides have volume and power buttons, the top side has the sim card injector tray. Much like the sides the buttons and the sim card tray are also made of solid metal. They feel premium and are very tactile with plenty of travel so they won’t get recessed easily.

The phone is also IP68 approved this means on the scale of dust resistance it’s a 6 and on the scale of water resistance it’s an 8. For context Apple said they removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 to make the device water resistance and even then it has an IP67 rating which is one stop below the A7 2017. It’s an remarkable feat of achievement and engineering that Samsung managed to get water resistance and no less than 8 on their phone without sacrificing any important ports on the device. There aren’t many devices with water resistance and much less at this price. It’s a feature they could have easily moved away from to keep the manufacturing price low so I’m glad Samsung went out of their way to bring water and dust resistance to this phone. I water tested the phone myself as you can see in the video and the water resistance actually holds up so it’s legit.

Over all if the previous phones are any indication, the Honor 8, Honor 8 Lite, Galaxy S7 it’s clear that I love glass backs and this phone is no exception however with the metal side and minimum bezels on the front makes me like the phone even more. Fantastic build quality Samsung.


The A7 2017 has the same sized display as the Note 7, so if you are a fan of big displays you will be pretty happy it’s a 5.7 inches FHD display and an amoled panel. I always say this that I prefer Amoled displays over IPS LCD , the screen is just so much more vibrant and alive that it blows you away. The A7’s display is no exception it’s stunning, it’s crisp clear and very saturated in terms of color. I do wish it was a QHD (2K) display but I don’t think that’s too far away I’m pretty sure it will be available in 2018 model but FHD screen here is more than capable.

Movies and Tv Shows look incredible on this display, I especially watched Mad Max: Fury Road again on this phone to take in all those wonderful colors. It felt like an entirely different experience than my normal LCD display so props to Samsung.


The phone has an almost flagship grade processor the Exynos 7880, it’s over mid range processors and just a bit below the 8890 from the S7 and 8895 from the S8 and it supports most of the features as those flagship processors; it’s no surprise that the phone opens apps quickly and there’s little to no lag in the overall performance. For a power user or a business man the processor does the job well and won’t cause any stuttering.

However the operating system manly touchwiz is a huge hurdle. It’s incredibly heavy and a big strain on the processor. I wish they update the phone to Android Nougat and strip away most of touch wiz to make the experience that much smoother.


Apart from water resistance the other thing they focus on the marketing of this phone is the camera and for the most part I was blown away by the camera. It has a CMOS Sensor and both front and back cameras are 16 megapixels. The detail in the photos is stunning and the image processing gives plenty of punch to the photos in terms of contrast and saturation.

You can see some samples here and see how good the camera is:


Sensors and Connectivity

Much like most other Samsung devices the sensors and connectivity is great. No drop calls or messages whatsoever and the microphone is really high quality. Most of the sensors like the light sensor, wifi bluetooth, ambient sensor work well. However the Finger print sensor is not as good as other devices. It wouldn’t accept my finger print at times and it seemed much more convenient to just use my pin anyways. The finger print sensor definitely needs an improvement.


In the end, I really loved using this device and would definitely buy this for myself to keep using as daily driver. No phone is perfect so even with it’s little imperfections I still love the device and I think every one who buys this phone will have a great experience for the next 2 years.

It’s really a gem from Samsung and I can’t wait to see what they bring out next year for the A7 2018.