Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus Review!

January 29, 2017   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  samsung, Tech, Uncategorized

I consider myself a pretty tech savvy person; I mean, for one I can’t unapologetically  stop talking about tech. So whenever I’m thinking about buying a new phone, unconsciously there’s a list of specifications in my mind that the next smartphone I get must have. However there’s a different list that has to be made which I don’t pay much attention to until I start thinking about my budget and that list is “Do I actually need these features?” list. I took it as a test while getting this phone that how much of the flagship features can I live without. The result is surprising so without further ado lets talk about the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus.

Build Quality

The material choices of the phone are quite interesting, it has a plastic back with a texture and the front is the pretty traditional Samsung design, physical home button in the middle and two capacitive keys on the sides. Understandably the home button serves only as a home button and doesn’t contain a finger print sensor. Over the top of the screen it houses its sensors namely the proximity sensor, light sensor and then over to the side a front facing flash. On the bottom side of the phone there’s a micro usb port and a microphone on the opposite side that is the upper top there’s a headphone jack. It’s pretty barebones in terms of design however one thing I particularly enjoy is the plastic frame around the device. Plastic is the most durable when it comes to damage and scratches when compared with Metal and Glass. A similar construction on my Moto G and Huawei Honor 6X in the past have saved them from shattered screen countless times. I’m glad this phone follows a similar structure to keep the device more rigid and durable. It won’t break easily and the texture on the back gives it a bit more grip to hold. In my experience I haven’t once dropped the device it fits in my hand quite comfortably and I had no problems holding it for long periods of time. Overall the construction is solid and durable.


The phone has a pretty modest 5.0 inches 540 x 960 panel giving the screen a pixel density of 220 ppi. For the most part the display does it’s job well, it’s good for looking at photos on facebook, twitter, snapchat and instagram however at times it can come off as a bit less saturated, considering the price and the resolution I think it’s a pretty good bargain. In my experience there were never any color shifting and even at awkward angles the screen was visible. Overall I’d say the screen is not too bad and does provide a pretty decent experience.

Operating System and Performance

This is the part of the review where I always have a problem specifically with Samsung, I can’t really get on board with Touchwiz however the recent additions they have made in the A series look promising, in this phone there are plenty of the usual touchwiz plethora of problems. It is really a subjective thing but I’d prefer if they remove the bloatware and be a little less glossy. Everything else can be fixed by just changing the launcher.

The phone has a Quad-core 1.4 Ghz mediatek processor, that complied with the screen resolution translates to pretty good performance. I wasn’t expecting it to be so smooth and snappy. Opening applications is no problem and there’s little to no lag going through touch wiz. However in this price there are going to be limitations and it will show some lag in extensive applications, but for day to day use it’s quite good and the usual applications like Facebook, whatsapp, instagram and snapchat are no problem for the device.


The primary camera of the phone being the back camera has a 8 megapixel (aperture f2.2) sensor and the secondary being the front camera also with f2.2 aperture has a 5 megapixel camera. Now if you’re buying a phone for as much as 150 dollars you can’t really expect the camera to be mind blowing. With this phone the camera is quite good. It’s not the best and it’s not the worst, it’s quite decent and takes good looking photos with enough details for social media. If you are one of those people who apply a filter regardless of how the photo looks then you will be pretty set.

I was surprised seeing that they included a front facing flash light in the phone, subjectively speaking I don’t usually use flash at all since I don’t like using harsh direct light but still it’s a very welcomed and well received feature. My parents (part of the demographic they are appealing this phone to) were quite astonished to see a phone with front facing flash.


This is the feature of the device that I love the most. The battery is a 2600 mAh one but coupled with a very efficient and low power consuming processor and a lower resolution screen can translate to some very very good battery life. I never had to worry about charging the phone it would last me one day and sometimes when I forgot to put it on charge over night just a couple hours of charging would make it good to go for another day. I’m very happy with the battery life of the phone, you could even make the battery last more than me on lower or medium usage.

Overall I think if you are someone who wants to switch over to android and experience how it is, or you want to buy a device for your children or parents, or you want something decent without paying too much then I think this phone is a good bargain. It’s not expensive at all and even after 2 3 years it can still function as a media consuming device.


While announcing the Samsung devices for 2017 the President of Samsung Pakistan – Mr. J.H. Lee said; “The enhanced features, high quality and reliability of the Samsung Galaxy ‘Grand Prime Plus’ 2017  devices are a testimony to Samsung’s pursuit for continuous innovation. The unique features suit every lifestyle, as these products inspire the users to achieve a higher level of performance, while enjoying the next-level of fun and amusement.” and I agree, I think these are great devices and great for every day use.

Overall I think this device is solid, for 15,000 rupees (around 150 dollars) you can’t really beat this package. It carries all the futures you would need in a device for 2017 and cuts corners where it needs to save price without hindering too much of the user experience. I had no problems in carrying out my work from this device device even though I was coming from a highend flagship. I’m excited what Samsung holds in store for us in the future.