TECNO Mobiles Launches Mid-range Smart Phone WX 3

September 22, 2017   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  Tech, techno

TECNO Mobile has launched yet another exciting and
gorgeous smart phone; TECNO WX 3, with high-end camera features. It is one of the most anticipated
mid-range but marvelously exquisite smart phone introduced by TECNO Mobile. TECNO WX 3 is an
advanced technology, Camera-oriented smart phone with an admiring affordability factor. TECNO WX 3
has raised a lot of excitement with its esthetic design, advanced camera features, high efficiency processor
and the latest Android Operating System. In a nut shell, it would be an understatement if TECNO WX 3
was called just another smart phone.
TECNO Mobile has never compromised the appeal of strong esthetic design of a perfect smart phone and
this is equally evident when it comes to TECNO WX 3. This newly launched gem has best served the
purpose with a 9.4mm compact body design and a perfect 5.0” large screen. TECNO Mobile has been
focusing on the development of the most sophisticated smart phones to meet both edges of smart phone
craftiness i.e. Elegance and advanced technology.
Likewise the previously launched Camon CX series and TECNO WX4 Pro smart phone, TECNO WX 3
also has superior camera features to offer. TECNO WX 3 has a 5MP front camera with an LED and
Screen flash options. Dual flash options of TECNO WX 3 offers comparatively best selfie results in low
light shoots as well. Further, the front cam selfie feature is reinforced with “Beautification Effect”
available in the new smart phone. Advanced options of TECNO WX 3 “Beautification Effect” enables the
selfie-lovers to optimize the skin tone and make adjustment that results in high quality selfies. Thus leads
to an impressive social media profiling of selfie-lovers. That is not the all; instead 5MP rear camera of
TECNO WX 3 also adds a powerful photographic experience in daily routine. It enriches the real-life
colors of the scenery, ambiance and moments captured with advanced camera of TECNO WX 3.
TECNO WX 3 is powered with a Quad-Core, 1.3GHz processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. This is a
combination that provides smooth functioning of the smart phone and makes easier as well as faster
switching among the applications without interruptions or delays. Unlike other smart phones, TECNO
WX 3 offers exceptional experience of swapping among the applications or going through emails without
interruptions in alongside running other applications like songs or movie player, for instance.
TECNO Mobile has powered the all new TECNO WX 3 with the latest Operating System; Android 7.0,
that offers better efficiency, smooth running of applications and most importantly multi-window
operations. Android 7.0 is the latest operating system and along aforementioned features it also offers
Data-saver feature; it reduces the waste and keeps the maximum data space available for optimum
functioning of core as well as supporting applications. Furthermore, Android 7.0 has an advanced
Notifications feature that enables optimization of information and delivers sort of “Combine Notice” just
like the high-end smart phone features.

Overall, TECNO WX 3 has superior quality and advanced features as compared to other devices of
similar range in the market. TECNO Mobile products have been drawing attentions of the consumer
market on a positive and progressive note. Similarly, TECNO WX 3 will offer quality features,
anticipated by youth and price-conscious segments of the consumer market. TECNO WX 3 is marvelous
smart phone available in the market all across Pakistan with commendable specs and high affordability