There are Monsters under your bed!

May 12, 2014   /   byTalha Masood  / Categories :  Fiction

My name is John and I’m stuck in a forest it took me years to send this message out.

Let me tell you what happened. One night at 10 pm when it was time to sleep I put my son to bed and started working on a few documents. I got so lost in work that I lost track of time and then my son came he looked frightened. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “there are monsters under my bed”. Ridiculous I thought but of course I had to assure him that there are no monsters so I went to his room with him put him to bed again and looked under his bed. Nothing was there so I told him there’s nothing there. He said that they hide when I come. I told him to call me when he sees the monsters. I turned my back and was about to leave when I saw a white light and suddenly my son and I were in a completely different place. It was like we were in the same place but the Earth around us had moved. It was a forest and it was dark. I was curious and scared my son held my hand.

After walking around I accidently stepped on a plant and again white light, we got teleported and when I regained consciousness there was this huge scary creature right in front of me. It resembled a giant spider. I held my son tightly and stepped back. “What are you doing in my house?” it yelled. “We come in peace, we don’t know how we got here we are not here to hurt you”. The creature laughed and said, “Hurt me? A little creature like you can’t hurt me I know all your weaknesses I know everything about you, who you are, who you wanted to be” I started feeling violated and asked him how did he know everything about me to which he said, “You don’t know where you are? It’s the forest of dreams, every one comes here once and you’re coming here the second time you should consider yourself lucky.” I was completely confused and had no idea of this place how could I have been here before and why does everyone come here?

The creature changed his appearance right in front of me, he was a giant spider and now he was looking like a completely ordinary man. I don’t know why he was wearing a suit and his voice changed as well there was something compelling in his voice it made me believe everything he was saying. “Let me explain. This is the forest of dreams everyone comes here, well not actually comes here, the Earth is moving so is everything on it. The forest has its agents hidden under the beds I am its agent too when the forest is hungry it chooses a child and the agents make the child still they let everything move with the earth except the child. Eventually the forest comes to the child. This time the agents made a mistake and didn’t wait for you to leave the room. The forest chose you too when you were a kid and now its your child’s turn. The forest is hungry” But what does the forest eat? I asked. Haven’t you guessed yet? The forest eats your dreams and after it eats your dreams you don’t remember them and it takes your ability to make new dreams. Now that you know about this you, you have two options either we make you forget everything that happened and let the forest eat your child’s dream and return you home safely or we send your child home with his dreams, make him forget about this incident and keep you here and feed on your mind forever.

I didn’t want my child to be dreamless I didn’t want him to be like everyone else so I decided to let them feed on me and my child was sent back unharmed. I asked the creature if people would miss me he said that I will stop existing in the world it will be like I was never born and my wife and child will always think that I died long ago.

You have to listen very carefully the forest is real it eats your dreams after that you forget that you are different from other people. You become ordinary you start following the rules of the world you become a mindless creature just like everyone else. However there are some who notice that everyone is the same and they learn to dream again but not everyone. If you are as same as everyone else that means you have visited the forest too. If you are getting this message wake up from your ordinary life and start dreaming again and remember monsters are real! And they are under your bed!



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  • shan

    I liked it so much. N its true tht we start to live ordinry life whn we stop dreaming ….. But the question is what do we have to dream about…

  • thankyou for liking 🙂 we dream about who we wanna be, where we are going, how we wanna spend our lives 🙂

  • Awesome work done 🙂

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