February 23, 2017   /   byFaiza Iqbal  / Categories :  Tech

Facebook’s Latest Clone

The latest WhatsApp update is not looking like a user’s favourite feature for the first time. In case you haven’t updated – and I wouldn’t advise you to – but WhatsApp owned by Facebook aka idea killer, recently rolled out a new “status update” which is pretty much replicating Snapchat Stories, probably for the 5th or 6th time now… I’ve lost count.

This civil war is never ending. Ever since Snapchat rejected Facebook’s buyout offer they have been trying to clone and copy every aspect of Snapchat into their own products. From Poke to Slingshot to Facebook Messenger to Instagram to WhatsApp.

Facebook continues to be creative(how original) but this time through WhatsApp, which is quite smart considering they have billions of users already using this platform. But having receiving the the update automatically, I’m pretty much close to switching over to Telegram, in fact I have downloaded it already just waiting for one more nudge to stop using WhatsApp completely.

I’m not the only one… here are few user’s reactions taken from Twitter:

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